Ideas of managing a project plan template in agile, navigate the project. To make a project successful project planning and its journey must effective. Agile project planning is always affective and useful for projects.

A project always needs flexibility in working, better enhancement and development, these all are promote by agile.

With this team works hard and dynamic approach of project planning. These agile planning templates are providing a unique framework that is structured and organize in good way.

You can easily execution plan template of agile project management plan with dashboard for multiple projects.

  1. Scrum master Planning
  2. User Story Template
  3. Agile Board meeting template
  4. Sprint Plan Template Excel

What is Agile Project Plan Template Excel?

Smart managers can also employ a Gantt graph, another well-liked tool for the project manager, with this instrument. The agile Excel template style contains some saliencies that are unlikely to be present in any other solution proposition style, just like any other management tool.

Agile project plan template in excel

  • Open excel sheet
  • Identify all project sprints
  • Identify all project tasks of every sprint
  • Estimate start require time of project
  • Estimate close time of project and each task
  • Set project start date and finish date
  • Every task is based on project start and end date.

Agile User Story Template

  • Sprint deliverables
  • Real-time video sharing option in mobile app
  • User story for a sprint
  • As a customer post a real-time video for product promotion
  • Being a user a description and functionality that benefits.
  • Set of acceptance criteria
  • Internet connection is available
  • Video length should not be more than 2 minute
  • Video size should be less than 100MB
  • Write acceptance criteria here

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Agile Release Management Plan Template

Agile Test Plan Template

Agile test plan template categorized in, what – why – where, when – how strategy, who – coverage

What – include

  • Category of testing, functional acceptance
  • Performance
  • Exploratory consider each of the.

Why includes

  • The category of requirement that type of testing
  • Intended to address such as story, acceptance criteria

Where, when

  • Where, the environment in which the testing wall occur
  • When, for each environment the event or frequency that will trigger the testing.

How – strategy (who)

  • How – the strategy is used for those type of tests.
  • Who – who will do what will write . that will who write the tests,
  • Who will perform them if there are manual test etc


  1. how test coverage will be measure
  2. how coverage will be assessed (will verify that all acceptance criteria have tests)

what level of coverage is considered to be sufficient

Agile Test Plan Template

Test plans in agile projects should be dynamic and iterative rather than static ones that must occur at a specific time.

Agile Sprint Backlog Template with Burndown Chart

In project management, sprint burndown chart only make the work visible. In this way, tam can easily show up their effort towards work. This is simple graphic design or representation. With the help of sprint burndown chart rate the working criteria tells the work is complete or how much work is remaining.

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Agile Release Plan Template

This template allows you make a task list, follow your task and assign each task according to date (start sates and end dates). Besides all, it is easy to drop-down all tasks and can define every corresponding goal in agile plan template.

Agile release planning

4 steps to create a sprint burndown chart

  • Here are 4steps to create sprint Burndown chart
  • Calculate work criteria – burndown chart shows a time period to complete a project (specific time)
  • Estimate remaining time period of working
  • Estimate the team effort (ideal effort)
  • Always track daily progress of your project

Agile Project Plan Template

How to create an Agile release plan

  • First of all define your project vision – this is most important fact that is always necessary to plan a project
  • What is product back log? Rank backlog
  • Release plan meetings
  • Final date of release – share your product release date

A project plan that is agile is dynamic.

You can add your tasks, the person accountable for them, the start and end dates, and the status using this template, which is also known as an agile project work plan schedule.

Burndown Chart

Velocity Tracking


Risk Management

Release Planning

Progress and Status Reporting

Meetings and Reviews


Version Control


Continuous Improvement


Key Features of Agile Project Plan Template Excel

Agile Project Plan Template

  1. Determine the project feasibility and project objectives
  2. Necessary requirements of projects – collects if need
  3. Project work level is important
  4. Define project scope
  5. Define dependencies between activities
  6. Identify work efficiency – work effort
  7. Estimate work dependencies
  8. Overall schedule
  9. Prepare the project budget
  10. Receive approval of project
  11. Make a plan of baseline

In agile planning template different sprint follow up. It is break down in number of iteration (sprints). These sprints have fix length. The length defines its working in two weeks. In columns each sprint predefined all working criteria with the help of sprint. This is also calls user story in project management.

Agile Release Planning

Benefits of Agile Project management

Key Features of Agile Project Plan Template Excel

Usually agile approach helps to reduce all planning and deliver work on time. The process of working is with fixed length (sprints). It purpose to quick deliver project products. For easy and understanding working, project breaks into small options to make it easier.

Key features also include,

  • Time of project
  • Life cycle of project plan
  • Possible conflicts
  • Project flexibility
  • Team spirit – working
  • Project scope – identify
  • Project complexity control

This methodology makes a business and project product quick and faster.

How to Agile project Planning in project management?

In conclusion, an Agile Project Planning Template Excel is a crucial tool for managing agile projects well.

Here are different benefits of  agile in project management.

  • It makes a customer satisfaction
  • It involve a customer to development a process
  • They always value their customer – prefer their opinion
  • Quality enhancement
  • Project adaptability
  • It reduced a risk
  • Best communication

How to Agile project Planning in project management?

How to implement Agile methodology into projects

  • Always select right agile framework for team
  • Agile framework in project management is always first priority
  • Create or plan a project
  • Define project scope
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • Choose a agile structure for better format and streamline (structure)
  • Measure success

Furthermore, it is also define five different phases of agile in project management. It is include, envision phase, speculate phase, explore phase, adapt phase and closure phase.

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