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Looking for hotel room booking template in excel format? Here you can download different types of templates from daily to weekly planner.

Choose from a range of room types, select your check-in and check-out dates, and finalize your booking in just a few clicks. These templates Excel, will helps you to remember schedule and generate any client bio-data within seconds.

Experience convenience and comfort with exceptional accommodations and amenities. Book your room today for an unforgettable stay at hotel.

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Key Element of Hotel Room Booking Template Excel

The key elements of a hotel room booking process encompass essential components that facilitate a successful reservation.

These include

  1. Gathering guest information and preferences
  2. Selecting room type and occupancy
  3. Specifying check-in and check-out dates
  4. Calculating total costs with taxes and fees
  5. Offering secure payment options
  6. Confirming bookings
  7. Outlining cancellation policies
  8. And accommodating special guest requests

These elements collectively a seamless and customer-centric booking experience for hotel guests.

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Hotel Room Booking

Reservation Tracking Excel

  1. Reservation tracking is monitoring and managing book accommodations, services, or resources.
  2. It helps efficient allocation, avoid overbooking, and enhance guest experiences.
  3. Real-time updates on availability, changes, and cancellations aid in maintaining accurate records and optimizing operational workflows for hotels, events, travel, and other industries relying on reservations.

Accommodation Management

Accommodation management entails overseeing lodging facilities to ensure seamless operations and guest satisfaction.

  1. Its tasks like reservations, room allocation, maintenance, and amenities provisioning.
  2. By efficiently coordinating staff, resources, and guest needs, accommodation management optimizes the overall guest experience while maintaining the property’s functionality and attractiveness.

Room Availability

The current status of accommodations is in a hotel or lodging facility.

  • It indicates whether specific room types are vacant, occupied, or reserved for a given time period.
  • Monitoring room availability helps in managing bookings, avoiding overbooking.
  • Offering guests accurate information about their lodging options.

Occupancy Rate

  • A vital hospitality metric that is signifies the percentage of occupied rooms in a lodging property during a specific period.
  • Calculate by dividing the number of occupied rooms by the total number of available rooms.
  • It helps assess a hotel’s uses and revenue potential, guiding pricing and operational decisions.

Guest Information

Guest information comprises essential details about individuals staying at a lodging establishment.

  • This data includes names, contact information, preferences, and any special requirements.
  • Collecting accurate guest information enables personal services.
  • An efficient communication and a tailored hospitality experience that caters to individual needs and enhances guest satisfaction.

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Main Categories/Functions in Hotel Room booking Template?


Check-in and check-out are integral processes in hospitality.

  • Check-in guests arriving at a lodging facility, completing necessary formalities, and receiving room access.
  • Check-out occurs when guests depart, settling bills and returning room keys.
  • Efficiently managing these transitions a smooth guest experience and facilitates accurate room turnover for the next guest.

Booking Calendar

  • A booking calendar is a visual use by businesses to manage reservations and appointments.
  • It displays available time slots or dates, allowing users to book services, accommodations, or resources.
  • This interactive calendar scheduling, helps prevent double-bookings.
  • It provides a clear overview of availability, facilitating efficient planning and organization.

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Hotel Reservations

Hotel reservations are securing accommodations for guests at lodging establishments.

  • This process includes selecting room types, specifying check-in and check-out dates, and providing guest information.
  • Hotel reservations ensure room availability,
  • Enable efficient planning, and contribute to a smooth guest experience by confirming bookings and managing room allocation effectively.

Room Rates

  • Room rates are the prices charge by hotels or lodging facilities for accommodations.
  • These rates vary based on factors such as room type, amenities, location, and seasonality.
  • Establishments set different rates for different periods to maximize revenue.
  • Offering competitive prices that reflect the value of the guest experience and services provide.

Guest Preferences

  • Guest preferences encompass specific desires and requirements of individuals staying at a lodging facility.
  • These preferences are range from room location and bedding type to amenities like room service or accessibility features.
  • Collecting and accommodating guest preferences enhances their experience, fosters loyalty,
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal hospitality services.

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Online Booking

  • The process of reserving services, accommodations, or resources through digital platforms such as websites or mobile apps.
  • Customers can select preferences, input guest information, and complete transactions electronically.
  • This convenient method offers real-time availability, immediate confirmation, and streamlined access to various offerings,
  • Enhancing customer convenience and efficiency.

Reservation Confirmation

  • Reservation confirmation is a communication sent to guests after booking services or accommodations.
  • It verifies details like dates, room type, and pricing, providing assurance of a successful booking.
  • This document serves as a reference for both guests and establishments, minimizing misunderstandings
  • Ensure a smooth and accurate guest experience.

Front Desk Operations

  • Front desk operations include various tasks at a lodging facility’s reception area.
  • These include guest check-in and check-out, room allocation, handling inquiries, managing reservations, providing information, and assisting with guest needs.
  • Efficient front desk operations are crucial for delivering exceptional guest service and maintaining the overall flow of the establishment.

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How to manage Room Types, Assignments, Room Status and Policy?

Room Types

  • Room types refer to various categories of accommodations available at a lodging facility, each offering distinct features and amenities.
  • Common room types include standard, deluxe, suites, and specialty rooms.
  • By providing a range of options, establishments cater to diverse guest preferences and needs,
  • Overall guest experience.

Room Assignments

  • Room assignments include allocating specific accommodations to guests based on their reservations and preferences.
  • Hotel staff makes sure that guests are assigned appropriate rooms according to their chosen room type, bed configuration, and any special requests.
  • Efficient room assignments contribute to a smooth check-in process and overall guest satisfaction.

Reservation Status

  • It indicates the current condition of a booked service or accommodation.
  • Common statuses include “Confirmed” (booking is guaranteed), “Pending” (awaiting confirmation), and “Cancelled” (booking is revoked).
  • Tracking reservation statuses helps manage availability, plan resources.
  • Provide accurate information to guests, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Cancellation Policy

  • A room cancellation policy outlines rules for canceling reservations without penalties.
  • It specifies the timeframe within which cancellations that made, associated fees, and refund conditions.
  • Clear cancellation policies help guests make inform decisions and
  • Hotels to manage inventory effectively, minimizing revenue loss due to last-minute cancellations.

Revenue Management

  • Revenue management is optimizing pricing, availability, and distribution strategies to maximize revenue and profitability.
  • It’s commonly used in hospitality, airlines, and other industries to allocate resources effectively,
  • Adjust pricing based on demand,
  • Overall financial performance while meeting customer needs and market conditions.

Guest Information

Reservation Details

Room Availability

Room Types

Rates and Charges

Payment Information

Confirmation and Cancellation

Calendar View

Guest Check-In/Check-Out

Housekeeping Notes

Reporting and Analysis


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Nightly Rate

Room nightly rate refers to the price charge by hotels or accommodations for a single night’s stay in a room.

  • It is a key component of revenue management,
  • Influences by a factors such as seasonality, demand, amenities, location, and competition.
  • Effective pricing strategies ensure profitability while attracting guests and maintaining competitiveness.

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Advance Deposits

  • Room advance deposits are prepayments made by guests to secure reservations.
  • Hotels and accommodations often require these deposits to guarantee room availability and mitigate no-shows.
  • Deposits are usually deducted from the total bill upon check-out.
  • This practice helps manage reservations, revenue, and guest expectations in the hospitality industry.


  • A no-show a situation in which a guest with a confirmed reservation does not arrive or check in at a hotel or accommodation without canceling the reservation.
  • No-shows are lead to revenue loss and operational challenges.
  • Hotels usually implement policies to manage no-shows and late cancellations effectively.
  • Occupied Rooms
    Occupied rooms the number of guest rooms in a hotel or accommodation that are currently being use by guests.
  • This metric is crucial for managing reservations, staffing, and overall occupancy rates.
  • Tracking occupied rooms helps optimize resources and ensures efficient guest management in the hospitality industry.

Waiting List

The hospitality industry refers to a roster of guests who are interested in a service or reservation,

  • Such as a hotel room or restaurant is table, but are currently unavailable due to full capacity.
  • It allows businesses to fill cancellations and accommodate potential customers when space becomes available.

Group Bookings

  • It includes reserving multiple rooms or services for a gathering, event, or tour.
  • Hotels, restaurants, and other venues often accommodate group reservations for conferences, weddings, or travel groups.
  • Managing group bookings requires coordination, personal services,
  • Efficient communication to a successful experience for all participants.

Revenue Reports

  • Revenue reports provide comprehensive financial data detailing a business’s income sources, such as sales, services, and other revenue streams.
  • These reports offer insights into performance, trends, and profitability, aiding decision-making and strategy.
  • In the hospitality industry, revenue reports help evaluate the success of various offerings and guide future planning.

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Hotel Room Booking Template Excel Format?

A Hotel Room Booking Template is a pre-format in Excel, design reservation management

Subject: Hotel Room Reservation Template

Dear [Guest’s Name],

We are excited to confirm your upcoming stay at [Hotel Name]. Your reservation details are as follows:

  • Check-in Date: [Date]
  • Check-out Date: [Date]
  • Room Type: [Room Type]
  • Total Guests: [Number of Guests]
  • Special Requests: [Any Additional Requests]

Please keep this information for your records. Should you have any changes or inquiries, kindly reach out to our reservation team. We look forward to providing you with a comfortable and memorable experience.

Best regards,

[Hotel Name

Users can also apply Excel functions for sorting and filtering data. It is easy for  organization and data-driven decision-making. Various sources online offer downloadable templates tailor to different hotel or accommodation needs.


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