Let us discuss one of the most popular template in project management field (Project Portfolio Dashboard). Download project document tracker in excel for project management and planning. A project portfolio in project management refers to a grouping of program or projects.

  1. What is Project Portfolio Management?
  2. Main KPI in Portfolio Dashboard tracker?
  3. Excel based project portfolio tracker
  4. Report generate in PDF, PPT and Word format

Note: Manage project timeline; scheduling, Gantt chart, expense management and others task management through this template.

The Multiple Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is a versatile tool designed to streamline project management transition plan by providing a consolidated view of multiple projects in a single interface. This template enables users to track key project metrics, milestones, and overall progress, fostering effective decision-making and resource allocation. Its user-friendly Excel format allows for easy customization and integration, making it an invaluable asset for project managers seeking a comprehensive overview of their diverse project portfolio.

Main KPI of project Portfolio Dashboard Template in Project Plan?

The purpose of a portfolio is establishes to centralize management and oversight for many projects. It can also relate with other project activities and responsibilities.

Project Timeline KPI in Project Portfolio

Timeline templates for project management are the software, which is made with Gantt charts.

Timeline project an Excel template is good alternative for new comers because it is a basic project-planning tool and most people are familiar with excel. This Microsoft Excel template is a gate way to get starting the schedule of the project.

A project timeline is an essential planning tool but it is limited in function. It shows the major deliverables for the project.

A timeline template allows you to determine the resources and costs associating with tasks. The main point of the timeline template is a visual tool to visual representation of your project.

Task Portfolio Tracker

Planning is a thinking process regarded the activities which required achieve a desired goals. Planning is the fundamental capacity for mental time travel.

Task planning is an essential tool which breakdown your goals into different tasks.

It make a detail schedule which spell out all the tasks involved and a deadline for each so that your team see the individual steps will take place and when the whole project will wrapped up.

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Key project portfolio Tracker Features

  1. Increases proactivity
  2. Fosters Teamwork
  3. Enhance Focus
  4. Enforces decision making
  5. Improves Risk Management
  6. Inspires Greater Achievement
  7. Optimize Resources Allocation

What is the Baseline template – use in Project Portfolio

A baseline is a project management transition use to outline the target schedule of your project.

A project baseline are used by project manager to understand how the scope, schedule and costs of progressing of the given project. A baseline is a fixed schedule which represents the standard that is uses to measure the performance of the project.

There are some steps to easily establish a baseline project:

  1. Establish your scope baseline
  2. Create work breakdown structure
  3. Establish project schedule
  4. Plan the total cost
  5. Work towards stakeholders.

Project Summary in project portfolio Dashboard

To compare the project’s progress with the project plan estimates is the main purpose of the task status report. Project summary is explain what you are planning to do to resolve the issues and what the result will be once you have a problem.

Project Overview

Task Status and Dependencies

Timeline and Milestones

Risk Management

Resource Allocation

Budget Tracking

How Task Management Use in Project Portfolio Dashboard?

Task status is a measurement that can tell the professionals about the progress of the given all the stages of the projects.

Successful project task status report template provides instant insight into project progress.

  1. It also clearly show which project components are on track and at potential risk.
  2. This allows project managers to control the project execution and measures success.

Task Status report describes the clear progress that shows project is not started in 14 days, it progressing duration is 29 days and it will come complete in 17 days successfully.

Task progress:

Task progress is to creating, monitoring, prioritizing and delegating task of your project management that ensure you to complete the task within the given deadlines. Processes are generally made up of procedures and tasks.

Task Efforts (hours):

Task effort is the process of forecasting how much effort is required to develop and maintain an application. This task is traditionally measure in the hours of work by person and how the money needs to pay this work.

Tasks Finance:

Finance task management is a process of planning, controlling and arranging an organization’s financial activities.

Steps of Finance:

  1. Establish Goals
  2. Assess Risk
  3. Protect your assets
  4. Analyze Cash flow
  5. Evaluate your Investment strategy
  6. Consider Estate Planning
  7. Monitor and implementation your decision
  8. Your financial fitness choice

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Create Project team in Portfolio Dashboard Tracker

These are the steps to create an efficient team for your project.

  1. Describes the description ID
  2. Customer Name
  3. Following roles
  4. Assign the visible task
  5. Time to complete
  6. Define the pending tasks
  7. Describe the actual progress

What are the components of portfolio dashboard?

A project portfolio dashboard differs depending on the projects and tools use to combine them. Here is the list of the inclusions along with their provided value.

  1. Mention the portfolio Name
  2. Overall status marker
  3. Manager resource
  4. Describe the budget plan
  5. Planned or actual hours tasks
  6. Comparison between complete or remaining project

Project Management work:

Project management is an act of planning, organizing and managing a project in order to achieve your goals. All businesses are depending on a project to achieve many long or short term goals.


  1. Identify project Name
  2. Define project Portfolio
  3. Describe the project manager resources
  4. Analysis
  5. Testing and Implementation
  6. Actual status
  7. Administrative
  8. Leadership
  9. Time management
  10. Reliability

You can download Break Even Point Analysis Template from here.

What is the role of task in a project Portfolio Dashboard?

Task in a project management is a specific work of piece that is used to contribute all over the success. Task unit is a work that has to well define purpose, successful outcomes and deadlines to complete the project.


Tasks are the actions you need to do in order to reach your goals.

  1. Task are the objective what do you want to do.

Tasks are the goals how much you intend to do and when to do.

How to create a tasks project?

  1. Firstly Manage project you want to create
  2. Describes Milestones
  3. Purpose of tasks
  4. Manage responsibility resources
  5. Mention the Planning(start date, end date, budget and actual time)
  6. Describe the Baseline depend about your project task.

Purpose of Gantt chart In portfolio Dashboard

A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that illustrates project schedule, showing individual tasks, activities, start and end dates and their dependencies.

A Gantt chart is a tool to assist in the planning and schedule of project of all sizes which represent in visualizing form. It also demonstrates how the start of one job might be contingent on the completion of another. It enables the project manager to schedule work and allocate resources in a way that all the tasks complete is done.

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Benefits of using Gantt chart in project management

  1. Always know what’s going on your project
  2. Easy communicate with team members
  3. Prevent resources overload
  4. Track the progress
  5. Give more clarity and motivation
  6. Provide accountability and coaching
  7. Reduce costs
  8. Become ridiculously productive

A Gantt chart is a feature of Project Dashboard Template Excel – that illustrates work complete in given time period related to the planned for work. Gantt chart is includes the start and end dates of tasks, milestones and dependencies between the tasks which assign.


There are main reasons

  • . Build and manage a comprehensive project
  • . Determine logistics and task dependencies
  • . Monitor the progress

Project manager can use it to break down a project into smaller tasks, activities and events and then assign these tasks to the team members with specific dates. Gantt chart also used to communicate with the project schedule and progress to stakeholders, clients and team members to ensure that the project is on the track and that deadlines are met.

Key components of Gantt chart:

Gantt chart consists of several elements to ensure the success of the project.

  1. Task List

A vertical list of all task required each task clearly define and have specific deadline.

  1. Time line

Timeline is a horizontal axis that represent the duration of the project.

  1. Bars

Bars are the horizontal lines that describes the duration each task of the project. Start date is indicate the left side and end date shows the right side of the bar.

  1. Dependencies

Dependencies are shown using arrows that links the bar of the project.

  1. Milestones

Milestones are significant events in the project.

  1. Progress bar

Progress bar are used to actual progress made of each task. Progress bar are typically shown as shaded areas within bars representing the task.

A Gantt chart is defines as a graphical representation of activity against time. It also helps project professional monitor progress.

This Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel is use in multiple projects for example construction projects, IT projects and others engineering projects.

You can get complete Project Management Tools from Project Plan Excel.

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