Let’s find what main template you require for complete project documentation. Is risk management, quality management documents is the only main documentation for managing project easy? If I require document in MS word, so what’s my first approach? Where to download A to Z project documents? A document tracker excel is a structure framework. It assists in organizing and recording essential information related to a project’s planning, execution, and closure phases.

It is includes sections for project objectives,

  • scope
  • stakeholders
  • timelines
  • milestones
  • budget and resources

Additionally, it incorporates risk assessment, communication plans, and progress tracking mechanisms.

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Project Documentation Life-Cycle in Project Planning

Project Documentation life cycle contains five stages which are necessary for the effective delivery of the project. These are

  1. Project Initiation Phase

This is the start of the project for project manager who is responsible for define the whole project. This usually start with business case, cost benefits analysis and other research to determine whether the project is feasible. Stakeholders put input. If the project approve than project charter is create.

  1. Project Planning Phase

This is the phase when the project plan create all this involve in the project will follow it. This phase begin with SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time) goals.

  1. Project Executing Phase

Now begin with this phase, most people think as the project execute the tasks, deliverables and milestones define the project scope. Some tasks that make up this phase include develop team, assign resources using key performance indicators, tracking and monitoring.

  1. Project Monitoring and Controlling Phase

This phase consists of setting up control and key performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of project execution. Project monitoring and controlling phase is very important t6o make sure that the project execute goes as the term of schedule, scope and budget baselines.

  1. Project Closing Plan

This phase define as the project is not over until the project closure phase it’s over. Closing out work with contractors, make sure that everyone paid and ensure that all project documents are sign off and archive to help plan.

By employing such a template, project managers are streamline the documentation process. As well as enhance transparency, and improve overall gantt chart in project planning efficiency, ultimately contributing to successful project outcomes.

Uses of project documentation Template

The purpose of project documentation is to gather all documents in one place to make communication and referencing easy. Project documentation improves overall transparency. It can also ensure you that all professionals are up to date on project changes. This is especially important when working with stakeholders who work on timelines, budgets, deliverables and milestones.

Documentation is written information that describes or explains a product, system and service. It can use in different form such as technical guides and online help resources.

Documentation shows where you got sources information.  A research paper blends your ideas with ideas or information from other sources.

Types for use

  1. Note citations
  2. Parenthetical citations

You can also see in terms as “footnote”, “endnote”, “reference”.  Documentation includes anything from code comments to user manuals. It is an essential part of any software project.

The implementation plan template streamlines project management, promotes transparency, and contributes to successful project outcomes.

Meeting Requirement Document Template

What are the levels of project documentation in project Plan?

Project documentation refers to the project management documents that are create throughout the project life cycle.

 Project Overview

Project planning is a crucial part of a project management that focusing on the detail plan of the project. It outlines the steps and research necessary to achieve project’s objectives, identify project scope, establish a timeline, assigns tasks and resources.

Project Plan

A Project plan is a serial document that defines execution and control stages of a project. Project planning software is used a project managers to ensure that their plans are thorough and robust.


Project scope is a way to set boundaries on your project. It can also define the exactly what goals, deadlines and project deliverables to work forward. Clearly show that a project scope hit your project goals and objectives without delay.


The project budget tool is use to estimate the total cost of project that are likely to be incurred before the project is complete. The total budget of a project can calculate by aggregating the estimate cost of individual activities to establish a cost baseline that specifies what costs will be incurred or when.

 Risk Management

Project teams create a project risk management plan that is a document which helps to identify and assess potential risks to a project.  It also indicates who is responsible for managing each risk.

Communication Quality

A project communication plan is an agreement between stakeholders and collaborators that outline the What, When, How information will share at key intervals.

Project Plan: it includes detail information about the project’s execution strategy. It outlines the project timeline, milestones, and tasks, along with their dependencies and assign responsibilities.

It ensures that all necessary information is capture, organize, and accessible to the project team and stakeholders, promoting effective project management and successful project outcomes.

What’s Main Template Include in Project Documentation?

A document template is a blueprint for generating documents. This template defines what data is to be extract from the database. Templates enable you to set up projects, tasks, report and other files without from scratch anytime.

Types of Template

  1. The office doc template (Slide decks, letterhead, agreements and policy template.
  2. The Digital template (Online investment, email banners, social banners, social posts)
  3. The print template.

Documents templates use for specific information.  In order to send a document, you must create first it from an existing template.

There are three types of templates

  1. Functional templates
  2. Class templates
  3. Since C++14

Project Charter

A project charter include three elements your project scope, objective and responsibility. Once your charter approve then you can create a project plan.

Project Plan

A project plan typically contains a list of essentials elements of a project such as stakeholders, scope, timeline, costs and communication methods.

Risk Register

A risk register is the first step in project risk management. It helps project manager list risks, their priority levels, mitigation strategies and risk owner.

 Change Documents

You can change document in a clear and concise way, describing what it is, why it is need and what impact it will on the project scope, schedule, budget and quality.

Quality document

A quality plan is a document that specifying together quality standards, practices, resources, specification and the sequence of activities.

 Format of Project documentation Plan in word format

Documentation processes can come in many formats. Create a guide, policy, tutorial and flowchart that effectively capture and communication with necessary information.

Process documentation is something many people take grant but it may be uninspiring and repetitive. It’s an essential ingredient for the success of the project.

These various types of work template help facilitate organization, communication, and decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.

Value of project documentation

Choosing the right documentation software

How to document a project

Project documentation template

Project scope statement

Business requirements document

Risk management plan

Cost management plan

Communication plan

Financial plan

Have intuitive navigation

Make it easy to organize content

Format of project documentation template in Word Format

The format of a documentation is vary depending on the organization’s preferences.

Project Closure: Covers the steps and criteria for closing the project and documenting lessons learned.

The format is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and adaptable to the specific needs of the project. Clear headings, subheadings, and consistent formatting contribute to an organize and comprehensive project management.

Project Documentation Plan Template

Importance of Documentation in Multiple Projects

Documentation plays a crucial role in project management and holds significant importance throughout the project’s lifecycle. Here are some reasons why documentation is essential in project management:

Clarity and Direction: Project documentation provides a clear roadmap for the project, outlining its objectives, scope, and deliverables.

It helps stakeholders understand what needs to be achieved and sets a direction for the entire team.

Communication and Collaboration: Well-document project plans, progress reports, and communication channels facilitate effective communication among team members and stakeholders.

It ensures everyone is on the same page, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing collaboration.

Accountability and Responsibility: Documentation assigns roles and responsibilities to team members, making them accountable for specific tasks.

It helps in tracking individual and team progress and ensures timely completion of activities.

Risk Management: Documenting potential risks and mitigation strategies allows teams to be prepared for challenges and uncertainties.

It enables proactive risk management and minimizes the impact of adverse events on the project.

Knowledge Sharing: Project documentation serves as a knowledge base for future projects. Lessons learn, best practices, and successful strategies are share and utilize in similar projects, promoting continuous improvement.

Decision Making: Well-document project data and reports provide valuable insights to project managers and stakeholders,

Project Evaluation: Proper documentation allows for a comprehensive project evaluation at its closure. It helps assess project success, identify areas for improvement, and facilitates post-project analysis.

Documentation in project management increases project efficiency, transparency, and accountability, leading to successful project outcomes and client satisfaction.

It also ensures that organizational knowledge is preserve and use to drive future projects toward success.

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