Project Roadmap Template Excel

Let’s discuss project roadmap template? Which are the best templates using in project roadmap? Where to start project planning roadmap? In this article I offer you to download Free some premium quality roadmap template in different project planning stages like project initiation, planning, tracking and closure.

In this post, we will access to download mostly EXCEL TEMPLATE of project roadmap. Although you can generate report in multiple formats of PDF and Word also.

  1. Role of Project Roadmap Template in Project Planning/Project Life-Cycle
  2. Is project costing, quality management, project proposal are the main roadmap templates?
  3. Which is the most important stage of project roadmap?
  4. Agile Roadmap Plan Template

In this article, you can also download some important roadmap template like “Gantt Chart in project Planning” Project tracking, Quality management template, etc.

In project roadmap resource allocation is the most important step of project planning.

Note: Make sure, you complete understand about roadmap before starting project plan.

What is a Project Roadmap Template Excel?

Basically roadmap of project plan is initiate of project initiation stage, then according to project change strategy – project manager control their projects easily.  Strategy and action plan example of work require for project management through project stages.

Project Roadmap Template Excel

Project Roadmap Templates is for all type of project planning. You must require project portfolio tracker and resource allocation tracker for managing all.

They save time and enhance the efficiency of work during the entire project lifecycle.

How Project Life-Cycle Help to Create Awesome project Roadmap?

This Project Roadmap Template Excel helps you in overall project life-cycle phases. Some templates like project charter, project proposal, RACI matrix, Project initiation documents, Pert chart and other initiation template for kick-start of any project.

  1. Agile projects that need a theme and an epic-focused roadmap can use it
  2. Any project that prioritizes high-level categories over timeline dates can also use it
  3. This customizable template incorporates the following data

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Is project costing, quality management, project proposal are the main roadmap templates?

Project costing, quality and project proposal is the main template of project roadmap. Through quality template you can manage project standards, project certification easily on the other hand project costing is crucial template for managing expense.

  1. Download Project costing roadmap template
  2. Download quality control plan template

Others templates are project charter roadmap template, project implementation roadmap template Etc.

Stakeholder Roadmap Template

Check out some stakeholder strategy roadmap template for managing plan.

  1. Identify stakeholders and stakeholder risk register
  2. Identify stakeholder needs and priorities
  3. Implement a stakeholder communication plan

Allocate of Resources Roadmap

Check out resource roadmap template for managing all.

  1. Complete full project review
  2. Sign all legal documents
  3. Achieve formal sign-off

Execution Project Roadmap

In project execution some important tips keep remember – deliver against the project plan, manage risks and issues, Implement change control processes

  1. Ensure roles and responsibilities are maintained
  2. Monitor budget
  3. Maintain progress reporting

Review the Partnership Development Process

  1. Identify improvements for the future
  2. Identify strengths and weaknesses
  3. Evaluate against objectives
  4. Project Characteristics Agreed Upon
  5. Project Fundamentals Agreed Upon
  6. Formal Sign-Off
  7. Start Ongoing Review Of Partnership
  8. Partnership Delivered

Monthly Project Roadmap Template

In this case project portfolio tracker helps you to manage multiple projects at a time. Some project manager start multiple projects at a  time, so this portfolio roadmap tracker can manage easily in one place.

Roadmap For Project Planning

The templates encompass the following set of information.

  1. Workstreams
  2. Month One
  3. Month Two
  4. Month Three
  5. Month Four
  6. Month Five
  7. Month Six
  8. Project One
  9. Project Two
  10. Project Three
  11. Due Date
  12. Milestones

Project Management Roadmap Template

This Project Roadmap Template Excel combines a dashboard with a typical roadmap.

The roadmap part offers a schedule with monthly intervals and distinct milestones, and the dashboard part shows KPIs for status, pending items, and budget. It enables monitoring of project resources, problem areas, and on-track components while also providing access to the project overview as displayed in the roadmap timeline.

The template incorporates the following data:

  1. Campaign Name
  2. Date
  3. Status
  4. Percentage Complete
  5. Workstream Timeline is present in a linear graph form
  6. Roadmap Data
  7. Workstreams
  8. Workstream One to Four
  9. Tasks for each Workstream as W1 Task to W1 Task 4
  10. Start Date
  11. End Date
  12. Duration in days


  • On Schedule
  • Needs Attention
  • Delayed


  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


Status Percentage

  • Status
  • On Schedule
  • Needs Attention
  • Delayed





  • Projected
  • Used
  • Remaining

Priority Percentage


  • High
  • Medium
  • Low




Pending Items

  • Decisions
  • Actions
  • Change Requests

Multiple Project Plan Roadmap Template

Using this template as a guide, you and your team will find it much simpler to cooperate on the roadmap for a project. This template basically consists of a simple and easy-to-use layout that consists of swim lanes and presents a variety of different project designs.

This sample has the following specifics:

  1. Status Key
  2. Planning
  3. Approved
  4. Development
  5. Launched
  6. Other
  7. Risk Level
  8. High
  9. Medium
  10. Low
  11. Months from January to December
  12. Months bifurcated into Quarters
  13. Project One
  14. Project Two
  15. Project Three
  16. Project Four

Agile Project Roadmap TemplateAgile-Project-Roadmap

This is an easy-to-use template for strategic planning.

It provides general timelines for the primary themes of your work, outlining what you intend to produce and when.  It is based on a high-level strategy focused on delivering business value and transparency for teams and stakeholders.

The template includes the following set of information:


  • Roadmap Brief
  • User Requirements
  • Feature Requirements
  • Feature Release
  • Pilot
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Customer Testing
  • Testing Analysis
  • Prototype
  • Deployment
  • Beta Testing
  • Tech Analysis
  • Story Review
  • Demo
  • Integrated Prototype

User Experience

  • Wireframe
  • Style Guide Development
  • Surface Design
  • UX Templates
  • Feature Design
  • UX Audit
  • Site Test

Quality Assurance

  • Preview Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Metrics
  • Variance Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

IT Roadmap Template

A strategic IT roadmap connects business objectives with the information technology approach required to achieve those objectives.

  1. IT roadmaps are strategic papers that describe how your business will develop and support technology solutions to help realize your larger goals.
  2. Technology executives can avoid putting out flames by planning ahead and using an information technology strategy. It serves as a directive for change and creativity.

The Project Roadmap Template Excel inculcates the following information:

  1. Schedule
  2. Phase One
  3. Phase Two
  4. Phase Three
  5. Phase Four
  6. Phase Complete
  7. Task One
  8. Task Two
  9. Task Three
  10. Task Four
  11. Month
  12. Week One
  13. Week Two
  14. Week Three
  15. Week Four

Days from Monday to Sunday

Strategy Roadmap Template

This template is an advanced overview that outlines and sheds light on an organization’s action plan to attain its lasting goals.

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  1. It delivers a graphical depiction of an organization’s objectives, priorities, initiatives, and resource apportionment in a singular view.

The template includes the following information:

  1. Start Month
  2. Quarter One
  3. Quarter Two
  4. Quarter Three
  5. Quarter Four
  6. Months from January to December
  7. Quarter One Review
  8. Quarter Two Review
  9. Quarter Three Review
  10. Quarter Four Review
  11. Milestones
  12. Planning


  • Market Analysis
  • SWOT
  • Business Model
  • Price Research
  • Objectives
  • Sales Trends Analysis

Service Development

  • Product Roadmap
  • Development
  • RC
  • Release to Web

3–Year Project Roadmap Template

This is a process that takes place throughout three stages.

The Three-Year Planning Roadmap Template provides a Timeline which are the stages that make up this procedure.

The template is customizable according to different projects and organizations.

The template inculcates the following information.

  1. Stream One
  2. Stream Two
  3. Streat Three
  4. Year One
  5. Year Two
  6. Year Three
  7. Project One
  8. Project Two
  9. Project Three
  10. Due Date

Benefits of Project Roadmap Template Excel

Project roadmaps manage stakeholder expectations, set targets, and coordinate team resources. This application helps teams manage project factors like resources, ideas, and assigned tasks. Project managers use project roadmaps to deliver information to stakeholders and update them on project progress. Other benefits of project roadmaps:Key-Features-Roadmap

Setting Goals/ Targets

  • Effective project roadmaps include a list of all your project objectives.
  • This can help your team better understand its objectives and collaborate.
  • You can estimate the team’s time for each project stage with the aid of goals.

Setting Priorities

  • Project roadmaps let you tie project tasks to goals.
  • They also know how difficult a task is.
  • This helps you identify time-sensitive or resource-intensive tasks.

The roadmap can help you achieve your goals with every move.

Engaging Stakeholders

  • A project roadmap can help you communicate with stakeholders and minimize miscommunications.
  • It can also help you give them the most crucial project details, such as its expected completion date, milestones, and budget.
  • This can help you set reliable expectations with everyone.

Key Features of Project Roadmap Template                                 

A project roadmap offers a strategic perspective of a project’s key components. As a result, it needs to incorporate project timeframe, resources, deliverables, milestones, and objectives.

Here is some more information about those, along with some additional information you might wish to add: Some template like project cost plan template is very essential for project planning.

Project Scope:

The big-picture goal you have for the project is represented by the project scope.

Key Milestones

These are fictitious dates for the major accomplishments or events in the project, like crucial delivery dates.


This term refers to any products, tangible or intangible, that are submitted as part of a project’s scope at any stage.


You should estimate the costs of labor and other resources like technology that are required to finish the project.

Project Timeline

There is no need to include daily specifics; instead, provide a high-level summary of the start and finish dates of initiatives (typically displayed on a Gantt chart).


List any connections that affect how crucial deliverables and activities are carried out.

Important Contacts

Make a note of the team members and their contact details.

How ProjectPlanExcel Help you to manage Any Project through Perfect Plan?

To simply sum it up, a well-designed and organized Project Roadmap Template Excel acts as the compass that directs a project in the direction of success. It unites all stakeholders, encourages good communication, and empowers decision-makers by outlining a clear route.

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The roadmap is kept as a dynamic tool that can adjust to the project’s changing needs thanks to the careful balancing of simplicity and relevancy. Its effectiveness is further increased by embracing continual development and asking the team and stakeholders for input.

As they adopt this crucial tool, project managers build the framework for smooth planning and execution, opening the way for success in even the most challenging projects. A solid project roadmap gives projects direction and helps teams advance with clarity and assurance to their goal of accomplishment.

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