A team or a group that’s work together in project, RACI matrix chart defines their working and responsibilities. They have different tasks and relation within project. RACI is the abbreviation of matrix. It is uses to categorize the team responsibilities.

R – Stand for responsibilities

A – Accountable

C – Consulted

I – Informed

Risk Mitigation template is a document that outlines the potential risk that a project may face strategies that the employee will minimize their impacts. The purpose of the risk mitigation plan is to ensure you to complete the task on time, within budget and within minimum disruption to the project team and stakeholders.

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What is RACI Template Excel?

Concept of RACI

This is a basically a chart with different graph and tables. Each of it defines the working process. It is simple and effective and provides a comprehensive note at every step of the project.

RACI matrix example

Draw a table

Project activity/deliverable – project manager – consultant – architect – contractor – client

  • Define functional and aesthetic needs
  • Assess risk
  • Define performance requirements
  • Create design
  • Execute construction
  • Approve construction work

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Sample RACI Chart Template

With the help of this thorough RACI chart template, you can effortlessly organize the roles and responsibilities for your project.

Purpose of RACI MATRIX Template in Project Planning.

Risk Mitigation is a process of planning for disasters and heavy a way to lesson for negative impacts. The negatives impacts of a business are numerous. In this procedure you can feel confident moving forward towards.

The main action of the risk mitigation plan to describes the ongoing effort at the federal, state, local and individual levels.

What are Main Types of RACI MATRIX?

There are three types of risk mitigation

  1. Avoidance
  2. Minimization
  3. Compensatory

Risk Identification

Risk identification is a set of activities that detect, describe and catalog all potential risk. It is a process that includes the negative impact business outcomes in terms to performance, damage, quality and loss or reputation.

The key to mitigation risk is to identify potential hazards and threads early on and put in place to be measures.


Risk mitigation includes theft, business downturns, accidents, lawsuits and data branches.

Risk Analysis

A Risk Analysis is the process to identify and analysis the potential issues of a project that could undermine the key business projects.  Risk analysis includes looking at the project’s cost, the potential for delays and the risk of the accidents.


. Risk Identification

. Risk measurement

. Risk Mitigation

. Risk Reporting and Monitoring

. Risk Government

Qualitative Risk Mitigation Analysis

Qualitative Risk Mitigation Analysis is an essential step when conducting risk management that helps to maintain and manage the project.

Factors of Qualitative risk analysis

  1. Financial statement strength
  2. Industry of business and perceive of that strength
  3. Character of borrower
  4. Economic strength borrower’s location
  5. Management competence

Risk Response Planning

Risk response Planning is the process of developing options and determines the actions to enhance opportunities and reduce threats. It includes the identification and assignment of parties to take responsible for each risk of the project.


. Risk avoidance

. Risk transfer

. Risk mitigation

. Risk acceptance

Risk response control is the process of keep tracking of the identified risk, monitor residual risk and identify new risks. It ensures you to execute to risk plans and evaluate the project’s effectiveness.

 Risk Monitoring, Controlling and Reporting

It begins to identify risks, goes on to analysis risks and then risk is prioritizing then a solution is implementation and finally risk is monitor.

The risk report the each level like low (green), moderate (yellow) and high (red).

The process of controlling and monitoring risk includes the following tools

. Risk reassessment

. Risk audits

. Technical performance measurement

. Reserve analysis

. Status meeting

Tools and Practice

Risk mitigation tool helps to identifying and assessing risk using metrics visualization.

Risk mitigation practice includes stories, articles and case studies about individuals, businesses and communities. It undertook successful efforts to reduce the disaster risk.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the project manager is to communicate with risk polices and process for an organization. A Risk mitigation officer will be responsible for process risk mitigation qualify accounts according the project guidelines, attend the borrowers complains, inquiries, and request with respect to reconstructing and replacing.

Communication plans

You must need to identify your purpose, goals and key points. You also need to anticipate any objections that your audience might have or prepare your response. You should consider timing, frequency and length of your projects. For all these steps take successful when you create a communication plans.

Budget and Resources

Budget risk mitigation is the process of identify, assign and manage the potential threats that become harmful for your budget performance. Your team finance is look ahead to see areas of your company’s need the most funds and how spend will affects your cash flow and overall profits.

The budget and resources planning is responsible for preparing, coordinate and manage the organization’s integrate budget.

Contingency Plan

A contingency plan is a plan of action design to help an organization response effectively to a significant future event. In other words, a contingency plan establishes a reliable course of action, a business can fall back on to respond.

 Risk Mitigation Plan Approval

Risk mitigation plan is a plan to prepare for the effects of risk or threats to a project or system.

Examples of risk mitigation are Planning and zoning, Flood pain protection, property acquisition and relocation and public outreach projects.


RACI Chart Excel Template Example

This agile plan template helps project managers, sponsors, team members, and stakeholders track project roles and responsibilities.

It lets you enter your project name, phases, tasks, and team members for each task. Use RACI to determine task accountability, information, consultation, and responsibility.

The template includes the following information:


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


  • In Progress
  • Complete
  • Needs Review
  • Approved
  • Not Started
  • Overdue
  • On Hold


A RACI matrix chart is a popular tool among the project managers around the world. It is clearly identify the employee roles and responsibilities of each task, milestones and decisions.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix(RAM) is a tool that helps to ensure that everyone knows what are responsible for and who they need to work on a project successfully. Responsibility charts contains some benefits for improving decision making.

  1. Improve sharpens patterns of delegation
  2. Provides a share effective language about authority and responsibility
  3. Clarifies roles among individuals, units and department.

A RACI matrix is a chart that identify and defines the roles and responsibilities of the team members in relation to the task. By using this matrix, you can clarify responsibility and reduce confusion.


  1. Re-organization

To ensure that key functions and processes are not overlook.

  1. Employee turnover

Newcomers can quickly understand their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Work assignment

Allow duties to redistribute effectively between groups and individuals.

If the team has need new members and people which are not stored out how to work together that’s when a RACI can be valuable. If your team work together for a while and decision making are going smoothly, you don’t need to use RACI matrix chart.

Many organizations attempt to clarify decision rights using RACI. RACI chart is a powerful decision making framework for the right team and they can also causes specific issues if you are not careful.

The Accountable team-mate is the one who must answer for the proper completion of the project.

In some cases, the complexity of the RACI matrix can lead to confusion or misinterpretation among the team members.

When distributing a RACI chart including the definition of roles, responsibility, accountable, informed and consulted roles so that the stakeholders know exactly what to expect.


. It informs the association about it employee’s capability as it demonstrates about the job.

. Use RACI for accomplishment of a project as every person is impast of this circle.

A project manager typically creates a RACI chart to avoid missing those important details. It also ensures clear communication throughout the project.

RACI matrix is popular in project management but can also use in software development, business analytics, construction, websites development.

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Working on a complex project plan can be rewarding, stimulating and frustrating. There are numerous elements that could grind a project’s manager gear. Let’s discuss the RACI matrix and how you create one of your team roles and responsibilities.

  1. RACI matrix template helps you to create a comprehensive RACI matrix following these steps
  2. Work with RACI matrix template to plan, prioritize and assign work for your business.
  3. Manage an organization’s mission critical tasks.
  4. Analysis and improve your process quality
  5. Use this RACI matrix template identify the gaps of your progress
  6. Develop a structure process

If you are creating a RACI matrix template in excel, you may want to use it to identify and create the roles and tasks that different team members are completed. Using an organization technique such as RACI can help projects run smoothly. It also allows the employees to complete them on time and budget in transparent way. A RACI matrix can helps to ensure that everyone can involve within a project has a role.

RACI Model Template Excel

You can precisely manage project roles and responsibilities with this RACI model template.

You can assign tasks to certain roles, such as executive sponsor, tech lead, or subject matter expert, by using the template’s color-coded column sections to arrange roles into groupings, such as project leadership, project team members, project sub-teams, and external resources.

You can download the Project Execution Plan Template Excel

ITIL RACI Template with Gantt Chart

To track roles and responsibilities for service management (ITSM), change management (ITCM), incident management, and data loss prevention (DLP), IT teams require an efficient approach.

With the use of a visually appealing Gantt chart, this IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) RACI template assists teams in identifying the roles and responsibilities of team members for each IT request.

You may make sure that you designate the appropriate team members and roles to carry out all IT tasks by using this ITIL RACI template.

The template includes the following:

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Manager
  3. Company Name
  4. Date
  5. Task Id

RACI Matrix Plan Template

RACI for Change Management Template

This RACI Chart Excel template enables you to manage organizational change and delegate RACI roles and duties. It was created with change management best practices in mind.

Clear Task Identification

Roles Definition (RACI)

Responsibility Definitions

Role Assignment

Clarity and Simplicity

Dynamic and Editable

Automated Calculations

Visual Representation

Instructions or Guidelines

Compatibility and Accessibility

Training and Support


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How ProjectPlanExcel Helps You to Create Custom RACI CHART TEMPLATE Excel Format?

Finally, the RACI Chart Excel template gives project managers the ability to create a clear and structured framework for allocating roles and responsibilities inside a project. Teams may more efficiently communicate, work together, and coordinate their efforts by using this tool, which improves the results of projects.

What are the types and main important factors of risk mitigation plan?


  1. Risk transfer
  2. Acceptance
  3. Avoidance
  4. Monitoring

Important Factors

  1. Behavioral
  2. Physiological
  3. Demographic
  4. Environmental
  5. Genetic

Project Log Risk Template

Most risk log templates made up of a few essential parts like risk identification, risk likelihood and risk mitigation. These parts work to create a fluid log of information on potential risk.

Project Risk Management Plan

A project team creates a project risk management plan. It is a document that helps to identify and assess potential risks of the project.


  1. Identify
  2. Analysis risk
  3. Prioritize risk
  4. A solution implementation
  5. Monitor the risk

Project Risk matric Plan

A risk matric is risk analysis tool that is use to assess risk likelihood and severity during the project planning process.


  1. Marginal
  2. Moderate
  3. Critical

Main Risk Mitigation Plan Elements in Project Planning

Risk Mitigation Plan consists of five components

  1. Definitions
  2. Presumptions
  3. Structure detail break down
  4. Impact
  5. Cost and Schedule

Usage of Risk Mitigation Planning Plan and strategy

Planning for risk mitigation provides an overview of all potential future projects.

Risk reduction is the most common strategy because it is a way to at least reduce risk.

How to Risk Mitigation Implement in any project and its importance?

Risk Mitigation Implement by following process

. Make sure each stakeholder involve

. Create a strong culture around risk management

. Communicate risk as arise

. Risk management policy is clear

. Continuously monitor

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