Simple Project Plan Template Excel

How do I write Simple project plan template?

Using a project plan helps you to work more efficiently and keep your project on schedule.

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When you want to create simple project plan following these:

  1. Write a project overview

The overview is a short introduction of the project as a short note, summarize the high-level details, goals, deliverables, success measurement and dependencies.

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  1. Define the Scope

Define scope of the project is important for controlling scope creep. It is just critical to describe within the project scope as what is outside.

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  1. Create a Project schedule

Depending on your project strategy, you might consider using Gantt charts, Kanban boards and calendars to create the schedule.

  1. Finalize the project Budget

A project management plan template must describe a time-line budget that lists all costs by time period.

Project Overview

Task List

Timeline and Gantt Chart

Responsibility Matrix
Milestones and Deliverables

Risk Management

Budget and Resource Allocation

Communication Plan

Simple Project Plan Template Excel

What include in simple project planning?

If your project doesn’t have cross-functional and overlapping tasks, this template is a good option to create.

  1. Project Transition Plan Template

In simple project plan includes the information about tasks, start and end dates, assign party, duration and status, deliverables for all phases of the project life-cycle.


A simple project plan has three elements these are:

  1. Project name
  2. Brief summary
  3. Objectives

The team members will drive the project along with their roles and responsibilities.

A Simple Project Plan Template in Excel serves as a versatile tool for efficient project management. This user-friendly template enables project managers to outline tasks, set deadlines, allocate resources, and track progress in a structured and visually appealing format.

With built-in features such as Gantt charts and task dependencies, it streamlines coordination and enhances collaboration among team members. The Excel-based simplicity ensures accessibility for users of varying technical proficiency, making it an invaluable asset for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Project Charter

A project charter include an outline of scope, an approximate schedule, an anticipate risk and a budget estimate.

In project planning, a project charter is a short document to outline the key aims and benefits of a project.

A charter is an agreement between two parties legally. A charter describes the value of the organization, rights of the people and how the organization will structured.

Project Summary

A project summary is a brief overview of project’s goals, deliverables, scope and status.

A project plan summary is a simple addressing how to complete a project in certain timeframe. Project summary usually define with stages and design resources.

Summary writing steps:

  1. Define the problems
  2. Present solution
  3. State you plan and approach
  4. Define deliverables and success criteria
  5. Schedule and budget
  6. Edit your proposal

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Project Budget

A project budget is a tool use by project manager to estimate the cost of the project. It includes resource quantities, costs, expenses and cash flow. It also includes labor costs, material costs, operating costs of every project.

If the budget for any tasks exceeds, it will affect the resources available for the subsequent plan

Project tasks Management

Tasks management is the process of monitoring your project’s tasks through various stages. It also involves actively making decisions for your tasks to accommodate changes.

Tasks management is a process of managing an individual task from concept of closeness. Tasks management is inherently a function of project.

Project Reporting

A project report is summarizes the project key. It provides the project manager with critical information to monitor and evaluate the project’s performance. It also identifies the potential risk and challenges.

You can download complete set of project management tools from Project Plan Excel.

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