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Why Need Change Communication Plan?

A good change communication is the backbone of any project. This template describes the way to that you can share the information with the stakeholders and team members so that they hear correctly and targets the proper work.

This communication plan will let you note the goals, stakeholders and activities as they relate to your communication. This template is only a static document. The need for informal communication is also a crucial to a project’s success.

What is Change Management communication plan template?

A useful tool as this change management plan template can talk formally with team members and stakeholders; there need to be a time line.

A communication plan is living documents that you can update as need over the project. This template provides foundations; describe the management approach, Communication constraints, meeting guidelines, project roles and responsibility, team managements and much more.

What is including in Change communication plan template?

Communication plan includes what information should be communicate, who receive that information and when information should be delivered e.g., E-mail. Communication will be shared and how those communications will track and analyze.

Key components or communication plan

  1. Identify the stakeholders
  2. Defining communication goals and strategies
  3. Determine communication channels
  4. Assign the communication responsibilities
  5. Establish communication schedule

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Executive Summary


Stakeholder Analysis

Key Messages

Communication Channels



Feedback Mechanism

Training and Support

Evaluation Metrics

Which format is the best of Change communication plan?

Digital is the best way of format in communication plan. It can easy share and update. It can also use to share your communication plan with stakeholders. Distribute your document plan to relevant team members with instruction how to use it properly.

There are four in form to communicate:

  1. Verbal
  2. Non-verbal
  3. Visual
  4. Written

Language is also the most common form of communication.

In the flow communication refers to Flow of official information through proper predefine channels and routes.

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Types of Change communication management plan?

Internal communication plan template excel

An internal communication plan defines the sets of business goals in communicating with employees. It also plan the tasks require to achieve those goals. An internal communication plan guides you to attain internal success.

Every manufacturing organization must apply these types of an internal communication plan template:

  1. Leadership communication
  2. Management to employee communication
  3. Employee up communication
  4. Peer-to-peer communication

Internal communication refers variously as employee engagements, employee communication, employee relations, Company communication, internal marketing and staff communication.


  1. Reason of communication is clear and direct.
  2. Use of vocabulary
  3. To the point and free of jargon.
  4. The communication is prepared to meet the needs.

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Multi task project Change communication plan template

Excel sheet is easily manageable and allows entering multiple tasks in a project. Change management communication plan is essential for creating and implementing a reliable, predictable and timely system of communication with your organization. The template format can range from a simple chart to a multiple step plans.

Using an excel template offers several advantages over traditional methods of task management. If you are use multiple phases, you may want to add separate tab within the template to organize tasks accordingly.

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