Here we discuss or you can download some main, essential templates for the project plan in Excel format. Let’s check out the top Excel template used in developing the roadmap of the project plan.

What Are Project Management Templates?

Project Communication Plan Template is a piece of writing that establishes a common structure for a project plan. The key components of a project, such as stakeholders, scope, timeframes, expected costs, and communication techniques, are typically listed in this document.

Normally, the project manager lists the data according to the assignment. Project Managers utilize different types of project change management templates depending on the projects they are working on.

What about Excel Template for Your Multiple Project?

Without an Excel template, you can’t manage your project or multiple projects. In this chapter you can project portfolio, Action Tracker, Resource planner, and project charter in Excel is the best tool for managing a project plan. Project Management Transition Plan project blueprints called templates save effort duplication and serve as a basis for new work.

They contain some repeated material and are already pre-formatted. Instead of starting from scratch each time, you can use templates to create projects, tasks, reports, and other objects.

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Top Excel Template for Managing Any Project

Let’s check out what’s the main template of Excel used in project planning or use in the project life-cycle. The method of following a task through the project life cycle is called task management. This comprises creating a schedule, implementing it, and monitoring its progress.

Every aspect of a project activity needs to be tracked, including its priority, time, resources, recurrence, notifications, etc., for which Document Tracker Templates are formulated.

Task Tracker Excel

This task-tracking Excel records the development of each item on your list, making it simple to evaluate the progress of a task or a project as a whole.

There is room for start and end dates, as well as checkboxes for finished activities.

The only necessary tracking information is included in this template to keep things simple, but there is also room for notes in case you need to add additional information or instructions.

  1. The Excel Project Plan Template with Dependencies includes the following:
  2. Task Title
  3. Status

The priority can be set to;

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Percentage Of Task Complete
  • Comments

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Multiple Project Tracking Excel

With this project-tracking template, several projects project managers can make their lives easier.

  1. It establishes distinct projects, keeps track of individual tasks, flag tasks and projects that might not be finished, and give deadlines.
  2. To alert the appropriate team members that they must start a high-priority activity right away to reduce project risk, the Status and Priority dropdown menus can be utilized.

The template includes the following information:

It is divided into three major categories; Projects, Deliverables, and Cost/Hours.




  • High
  • Medium
  • Low



Project Name





Percentage Done


Fixed Cost

Estimated Cost

Actual Hours

You can download Performance Improvement Plan Template

Project Charter Excel

Defining the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved, a project chart template is a formal document that describes the agreed understanding of a project’s scope, development, and objectives.

In general, the document is not too long. Have your stakeholders agree on the project’s purpose, the high-level scope, and who is responsible for what is the main objective of the project charter. Before allocating resources, including cash, to your project, some organizations want a signed project charter.

Working on the Project Charter Template of the Project Plan

To standardize the process of creating project charters, use this comprehensive, simple-to-fill template.

  1. There are several parts in the template where you may enter general project information.

Specifications can be made in the Project Overview section in accordance with the problem(s) that the project is intended to address, as well as the project’s objective, business case, goals, KPIs, and anticipated deliverables.

You can go into further detail about your project’s scope, preliminary schedule, resource plan templates, costs, benefits, customers, risks, restrictions, and assumptions in the remaining sections.

The template details the following information:


  • Project Name
  • Project Manager
  • Project Sponsor
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Organizational Unit(S)                 
  • Green Belts Assigned
  • Expected Start Date       
  • Expected Completion Date
  • Black Belts Assigned
  • Expected Savings
  • Estimated Costs             


  1. Problem Or Issue
  2. Purpose of Project
  3. Business Case
  4. Goals / Metrics
  5. Expected Deliverables
  7. Within Scope
  8. Outside Of Scope

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE                                                            

  1. Form Project Team / Preliminary Review / Scope                           
  2. Finalize Project Plan / Charter / Kick Off               
  3. Define Phase                   
  4. Measurement Phase                   
  5. Analysis Phase  
  6. Improvement Phase                    
  7. Control Phase                 
  8. Project Summary Report and Close Out               


  1. Project Team
  2. Support Resources
  3. Special Needs


  1. Cost Type
  2. Vendor / Labor Names  
  3. Rate
  4. Qty
  5. Amount


  1. Process Owner
  2. Key Stakeholders
  3. Final Customer
  4. Expected Benefits


  1. Specific Cost Savings
  2. Enhanced Revenues
  3. Higher Productivity (Soft)
  4. Improved Compliance
  5. Better Decision Making
  6. Less Maintenance
  7. Other Costs Avoided

BASIS OF ESTIMATE                                   

  1. Estimator’s projections                              
  2. Finance’s projections                                 
  3. Project management’s estimations                                      
  4. Operations’ estimations                                           
  5. Project management’s estimations                                      
  6. Project management’s estimations                                      
  7. Finance’s projections                                 


  1. RISKS, CONSTRAINTS, AND ASSUMPTIONS                                                                    
  2. Risks
  3. Constraints
  4. Assumptions

Action Plan Excel

An action plan template primarily outlines the steps of the processes that must be carried out to reach the desired goal, dividing the process into multiple tasks that can be carried out and are well within the time frame.

By giving each stage in the process a timeframe—a start and end date—a strong action plan will describe all the procedures required to accomplish your goal and assist you in meeting your target effectively. You can use this document to set one or many goals, depending on your requirements and preferences.

Simple Action Plan Template

With the flexibility to add more, the action plan template has sections for planning for four goals.

  1. Every objective is then broken down into action stages, to which teams can assign a priority and a completion status to monitor progress.
  2. Each action’s start and conclusion dates are listed, along with any pertinent annotations.

This template is appropriate for a variety of purposes, such as project management, event planning, and reaching professional objectives.

The template includes the following data:

  1. Project Name                  
  2. Project Manager                          
  3. Today’s Date


  • Goals



  • High
  • Medium
  • Low


  • Complete
  • In-Process
  • On-Hold




Business Action Plan Template

To help achieve the objectives of a business or marketing plan, use this action plan template.

  1. The aim is mentioned in great detail at the top of the template, and the action steps are listed underneath.
  2. This form has spaces for jotting down necessary materials, probable difficulties, and outcomes.
  3. An action item’s successful completion could be its only outcome, or further steps might have been discovered during the course of the process.

To achieve company objectives, an action plan might need to be adaptable.

The templates encompass the following data:

  1. Project Manager                                         
  2. Today’s Date                   
  3. MM/DD/YY                     
  4. Goal
  5. Action Plan

Action Description

  • Goal #1:  Select Venue
  • Identify venue options
  • Visit venues
  • Sign contract
  • Goal #2: Secure Speakers
  • Recruit speakers
  • Speaker bios
  • Create and send speaker packets
  • Confirm speakers
  • Goal #3: Recruit Sponsors
  • Identify sponsors
  • Write up the sponsor agreement
  • Send emails
  • Make cold calls
  • Goal #4: Promote the event
  • Create banners
  • Order swag
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Make marketing materials



  • Medium
  • High
  • Low


  • Complete
  • On Hold
  • In Progress



Resources Required

Hazard Forecast


Daily Report Excel Template

When it comes to monitoring a team’s daily tasks, daily reports are essential. These reports help managers understand what needs their attention and what they should delegate higher up.

Daily reports describe the events that take place during the day. They aid in monitoring team progress and certain tasks. The most important updates from these reports are also frequently “floated up” the chain to stakeholders at a higher level.

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Daily Project Progress Report Template

This daily progress report template is appropriate for any kind of project reporting and is adaptable.

The template includes the following information:

Project Details                                            

  • Project Name                  
  • Job Number
  • Contractor Name
  • Superintendent Name                 
  • Date
  • Weather And Temperature

Today’s Overall Progress                                                       

  • Workers Present On Site
  • Work Completed
  • Equipment Used            
  • Progress Details

Estimated Quantities

  • Task Location
  • Description Of Work
  • Item Number
  • Today’s Total
  • Overall Total

Describe Any Delays And / Or Incidents                                            

  1. Additional Remarks                                                  
  2. Preparer Name And Title            
  3. Preparer Signature        
  4. Date

This template can serve as an employee plan excel, making it easy to keep track of work that has already been finished and plans for the next day.

Reporting In Excel

The daily report can be completed by staff members and submitted to management for approval.

  1. Each ongoing task can have a due date and status for tracking progress.             
  2. This template encompasses the following information:
  3. Employee Name                           
  4. Department
  5. Dates Covered

Completed Activities                                                              

  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Date Completed

Tasks For Tomorrow

  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Status
  • In-Progress
  • Complete
  • Overdue
  • On-Hold

Ongoing Tasks

  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Status
  • In-Progress
  • Complete
  • Overdue
  • On-Hold

Approved By Name and Title                   

Approved By Signature 


Work Plan Excel

A spreadsheet tool called the Work Plan Template will assist companies of all sizes in managing work plans. The simple Excel format makes it simple to switch over the entire team and maintain an up-to-date project.

Work plans, which are frequently displayed as Gantt Chart in Project Planning, list all the tasks associated with a project, as well as who is in charge of each one and when it will be finished. You must often provide a work plan with your request if you want to receive funding. The work plan is used as a monitoring tool to determine whether your project is on track once it has begun.

How Work Plan Template for Project Plan?

The purpose of this work plan template is to divide your ambitious project goals into manageable chunks.

  1. This type of template lists the tasks that must be completed, by whom, and when.
  2. In order to promote openness and keep everyone informed about deadlines and deliverables, it also includes a timeline.

Larger teams working on complex projects with numerous tasks and deadlines benefit most from using this PPT template.

This template inculcates the following data:

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Manager
  3. Project Deliverable
  4. Start Date
  5. End Date
  6. Overall Progress
  7. Tasks
  8. Set kick-off meeting
  9. Agree on objectives
  10. Initiation
  11. Detailed Requests
  12. Hardware Requests
  13. Final Resource Plan
  14. Staffing
  15. Development
  16. Technical Requests
  17. DB Development
  18. API Development
  19. UI Client


  1. Dev. Complete
  2. Operations
  3. Hardware Config.
  4. System Testing
  5. Launch
  6. Responsible





  • Complete
  • Overdue
  • In Progress
  • Not Started

Project Timeline Excel

By simply adding tasks, due dates, and milestones to a project schedule template, project managers may quickly and easily construct project timelines.

Project costing templates come in two primary categories. Project timeline templates for project management software and Excel are typically created using Gantt charts. Because it is a simple project planning tool and most people are familiar with Excel, an Excel project timeline is a decent substitute for novices.

Working with Project Timeline Template

Use this project timeline template to divide the work for your project into weeks, months, and stages.

Because it includes information regarding project conception and initiation, project definition and planning, and project launch and execution plan template, this template is used to match each project job to a phase and track the project’s development through time.

A Gantt chart, which aids in planning and carrying out your time-sensitive project deliverables, may be included in this timeline template.

The template includes the following data:

At Risk

Task Name

Sub Task Name


  • Complete
  • Overdue
  • In Progress
  • Not Started

Assigned To

Start Date

End Date

Duration in Days


Multiple Project Timeline Template

This project-by-project template gives you a high-level overview of the state of each project and enables you to drill down into action items that are urgent for that particular project.

  1. The following data is included in this template:
  2. Delivery Timeline and Resources in the form of a timeline
  3. Days per Project in Bar Graph form
  4. Resource Allocation in Pie Chart Form

Project Financials in Bar Graph Form

  • Projected
  • Actual
  • Remainder

Risk Analysis in Bar Graph Form

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Risk Total

Open and Pending Actions in Bar Graph Form

  • Open Issues
  • Revisions
  • Pending Actions
  • Project Report
  • Project Name
  • Schedule
  • Budget
  • Resources
  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Comments                                     
  • Dashboard Data
  • Project Name
  • Timeline                                         
  • Calendar
  • Begin
  • Finish
  • Number Of Days
  • Number Of Team Members
  • Budget               
  • Projected
  • Actual
  • Remainder
  • Risks                   
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Open   
  • Issues
  • Revisions
  • Pending Actions

Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel

A work breakdown structure is a hierarchical list or diagram that shows all the tasks that need to be finished for the project to be completed.

The procedure entails getting feedback from the project team. Break the project down into its main components of work. Divide each level 1 component into specific activities. The WBS’s lowest level should contain jobs that have been broken down to the point where all recognizable components have been found, and it is evident how to proceed. For the lowest WBS level, identify the task owners and deliverables. For each task, estimate the non-resource cost management components.

Working With Work Breakdown Structure Template

The template includes the following set of data:

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Manager
  3. Company Name
  4. Date
  5. Phase
  6. Task
  7. Project Preparation
  8. Solution Vision
  9. Design and Staffing
  10. Other Task Five sections included


  • Cost Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technology
  • Training
  • Other Task three sections included


Final Preparation

      • System Testing
      • Stress Testing
  • Release Preparation
  • Other Task four sections included


  • Activate
  • Closing Analysis
  • Other Task Five sections included

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Communication Plan Template Excel

A communication plan template is a written statement of an organization’s goals and strategy for internal and external communication. The target audience, message types, delivery methods, and frequency of communication are all specified. It should be updated on a regular basis because it is essential to the success of any firm.

Working With Communication Plan Template

Project communication plan template aids in creating a concise and well-organized strategy for sharing information inside your company.

  1. It enables the entry of crucial information such as stakeholders, deliverables, priorities, delivery strategies, and communication frequency.

A smart communication strategy ensures the effective distribution of all important information to every interested party while streamlining your process and minimizing repetitive or unnecessary communication.

The template includes the following information:



  • Project Status
  • Staff Update
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Updates


  • Weekly
  • Daily at the End of Business
  • Quarterly
  • Quarterly or as Needed


  • High
  • Low
  • Very High
  • High


  • Team
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Business Office

Preferred Delivery Method

  • Video Conference
  • Email
  • Team Meeting Requirements
  • Email

Project Roadmap Template Excel

A project roadmap template provides a simple, high-level summary of its key components. It summarizes the project’s goals, milestones, deliverables, dependencies, and hazards and can be shared with anybody. Before and throughout the project kickoff, the project manager uses the project roadmap to define expectations, provide high-level plans, and emphasize critical elements of the task.

Roadmap Template for Project Plan

This template allows sharing of project goals on a roadmap.

This template shows numerous project designs in a simple layout with swim lanes.

The template inculcates the following information:

  • Status Key
  • Planning
  • Approved
  • Development
  • Launched
  • Other
  • Risk Level
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Months from January to December
  • Months bifurcated into Quarters
  • Project One
  • Project Two
  • Project Three
  • Project Four

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What Are the Benefits of the Excel Project Plan Template?

Time-Saving Features

Eliminating the massive effort required to create even the smallest project change management template saves time.

Standardized project management templates also handle another time-consuming issue: template content. Use a template to avoid time-wasting.

Customization is always possible.

Reinforces Process

Using a template unknowingly perpetuates the process.

After a while, using a template becomes second nature, and everyone realizes the need to deliver all information on time.

Communication Improves Teamwork

All work-product on one platform facilitates collaboration between departments and teams.

  1. Problems are visible to everyone, reducing blame.
  2. Management can discreetly follow the process and intervene when needed.

Effective communication and teamwork reduce enormous stress and extra labor.


Every department can prepare for emergencies.

  1. A project management template makes them plan for all departments’ contingencies.

Planning becomes useful with full knowledge.

Finally, project documentation templates are based on past experience. It can help plan a new project better than a blank sheet of paper.

Lowers Risk

Everyone can spot issues in their area of duty.

  • The idea is to anticipate complications caused by two departments’ conflicting goals.
  • Incomplete information causes several issues and risks.

A project implementation plan template stores all project data to avoid confusion.

Stores Information

Data can be needed unexpectedly; thus, any project needs accessible but secure data.

  1. Does not restrict your team’s information.

A project management template may conveniently store all important information.

Customer Trust

The end goal is client satisfaction with the project.

Whether the customer is internal or external, you must win their trust.

You can confidently and quickly answer their project progress queries with a project risk mitigation template.

Affordable Solution

Project management software is costly for small organizations and startups.

Many firms use Microsoft Office, which includes Agile Project Plan Excel. Its built-in templates save teams money on project management software.

Tool Interoperability

Integrating Excel with other apps improves project management.

Import data from other software, make charts, and export project reports to PDF for stakeholders.

Key Features of Project Plan Excel Template

  • Project scope and objectives to outline the major objectives, products, and procedures.
  • To manage projects from every viewpoint, there are numerous project views available, such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, project timelines, interactive lists, calendars, and more.
  • Managing and allocating resources can help you remain on top of your project’s materials and budget.
  • Prioritization and management of tasks to streamline processes and monitor the development of your project from start to finish.
  • To ensure the project team is on schedule to meet your project cost tracking and that stakeholders are kept informed, establish clear project controls and reporting.
  • Tools for team cooperation to enable project participants to remain in touch, enhance team dynamics, and increase the overall caliber of work.
  • Numerous integrations to include all of your other work tools in your template for easier access and more informed changes to help you complete your project successfully.

How Does Excel Project Plan Template Help in Project Planning?

To sum it up, excel project management templates provide a dependable and low-cost method of enhancing project organization and team efficiency. It is suited for use by professionals with different levels of experience thanks to its intuitive design, versatility, and personal ability.

Using the offered Project Execution Plan Template, you can effectively plan, monitor, and manage your projects from beginning to end. Maximize their effect on the outcome of your project by employing them with effective project management tactics and ways of communication. Excel Project Plan Template may be the finest alternative for you if you want to streamline the process of project management without investing in pricey technology.